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Services We Provide

Thorough lameness examinations with a focus on accurate localization, and achieving a diagnosis. 


Routine dentistry and specialized dentistry utilizing power floats is available.

Internal Medicine

Complete diagnostic evaluation of internal medical conditions and neonatal disorders.

Surgeon Operating


Complete surgical suite with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Surgical capabilities include laser, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, abdominal (colic) surgery, fracture repair / orthopedic surgery, cryosurgery, etc


Diagnostic ultrasound for colic/gastrointestinal abnormalities, respiratory disease, musculoskeletal injuries, etc. Utilized also for ultrasound-guided injections or biopsies.

Digital Radiography

Crossroads Veterinary Clinic offers on-site digital radiography. Our facility utilizes both a portable and overhead system, giving us greater capacity to image your horse.


Ophthalmic examination and treatment for various eye conditions.

Gastroscopy / Endoscopy

Video endoscopy available for imaging the stomach, upper airway, bladder, and uterus.

Podiatry / Shoeing

Specialized podiatry and therapeutic farriery available.

Woman walking horse on concrete

Pre-Purchase Examinations

Provide purchase examinations for prospective buyers, including an overall health and lameness evaluation. 

Emergency Services

Our clinic provides both day and out-of-hour emergency treatment for critical cases. Equipped for intensive care hospitalization.

Reproductive Services

Reproductive care including diagnosis and management of stallion and mare infertility, embryo transfer, artificial insemination and semen shipping.


Routine and emergency field calls available to our service area.